By default, content is laid out into the target publishdir (public) namespace matching its layout within the contentdir hierarchy. The permalinks site configuration option allows you to adjust this on a per-section basis. This will change where the files are written to and will change the page’s internal “canonical” location, such that template references to .RelPermalink will honour the adjustments made as a result of the mappings in this option.

For instance, if one of your sections is called post, and you want to adjust the canonical path to be hierarchical based on the year and month, then you might use:

  post: /:year/:month/:title/

Only the content under post/ will be so rewritten. A file named content/post/sample-entry which contains a line date: 2013-11-18T19:20:00-05:00 might end up with the rendered page appearing at public/2013/11/sample-entry/index.html and be reachable via the URL

The following is a list of values that can be used in a permalink definition. All references to time are dependent on the content’s date.

  • :year the 4-digit year
  • :month the 2-digit month
  • :monthname the name of the month
  • :day the 2-digit day
  • :weekday the 1-digit day of the week (Sunday = 0)
  • :weekdayname the name of the day of the week
  • :yearday the 1- to 3-digit day of the year
  • :section the content’s section
  • :title the content’s title
  • :slug the content’s slug (or title if no slug)
  • :filename the content’s filename (without extension)