This section highlights some projects around Hugo that are independently developed. These tools try to extend the functionality of our static site generator or help you to get started.


Take a look at this list of migration tools if you currently use other blogging tools like Jekyll or WordPress but intend to switch to Hugo instead. They’ll take care to export your content into Hugo-friendly formats.


Alternatively, you can follow the manual migration guide or use the new Jekyll import command.

  • JekyllToHugo - A Small script for converting Jekyll blog posts to a Hugo site.
  • ConvertToHugo - Convert your blog from Jekyll to Hugo.


  • ghostToHugo - Convert Ghost blog posts and export them to Hugo.


  • octohug - Octopress to Hugo migrator.


  • wordpress-to-hugo-exporter - A one-click WordPress plugin that converts all posts, pages, taxonomies, metadata, and settings to Markdown and YAML which can be dropped into Hugo.



  • blogimport - A tool to import from Blogger posts to Hugo.



If you don’t want to use Wercker for automated deployments, give these tools a try to get your content to the public:

  • hugomac - Hugomac is an OS X menubar app to publish your blog directly to Amazon S3. No command line is needed.
  • hugo-lambda - A wrapper around the Hugo static site generator to have it run in AWS Lambda whenever new (Markdown or other) content is uploaded.
  • hugodeploy - Simple SFTP deployment tool for static websites (e.g. created by Hugo) with optional minification.


Do you prefer an graphical user interface over a text editor? Then give these frontends a try:

  • rango - A web frontend for Hugo. It’s designed to make it easy to manage a small site, even for people with little computer experience.
  • enwrite - Evernote-powered statically-generated blogs and websites. Now posting to your blog or updating your website is as easy as writing a new note in Evernote!
  • caddy-hugo - This is an add-on for Caddy which wants to deliver a good UI to edit the content of the website.
  • Hugopit - A web-based editor for Hugo build on top of Cockpit CMS.

Editor plugins

If you still want to use an editor, look at these plugins to automate your workflow:

Sublime Text

  • Hugofy - Hugofy is a plugin for Sublime Text 3 to make life easier to use Hugo static site generator.

A static site with a dynamic search function? Yes. Alternatively to embeddable scripts from Google or other search engines you can provide your visitors a custom search by indexing your content files directly.

  • Hugoidx is an experimental application to create a search index. It’s build on top of Bleve.
  • This GitHub Gist contains simple workflow to create a search index for your static site. It uses a simple Grunt script to index all your content files and lunr.js to serve the search results.
  • hugo-lunr - A simple way to add site search to your static Hugo site using lunr.js. Hugo-lunr will create an index file of any html and markdown documents in your Hugo project.


And for all the other small things around Hugo:

  • hugo-gallery lets you create an image gallery for Hugo sites.
  • flickr-hugo-embed prints shortcodes to embed a set of images from an album on Flickr into Hugo.

Do you know or maintain a similar project around Hugo? Feel free to open a pull request on GitHub if you think it should be added.