Heather Hugo

A Hyperminimal J̶e̶k̶y̶l̶l̶ Hugo Theme

Heather for Hugo

A Hyperminimal J̶e̶k̶y̶l̶l̶ Hugo Theme


About Heather

Heather is hyperminimal theme for Jekyll created by Brent Jackson (jxnblk).

About J̶e̶k̶y̶l̶l̶ Hugo

Hugo is a (very) fast static site generator written in Go.

Get Started

Once you have Hugo set up, create your blog with hugo new and then add the heather-hugo theme to the themes directory.

You can just download and extract it there or add it as a submodule with:

git submodule add https://github.com/hbpasti/heather-hugo themes/heather-hugo

Then edit your blog’s config file to use heather-hugo theme:

A sample YAML config file would look like this:

title: "Heather"
baseurl: "http://localhost:1313"
languageCode: en-us
theme: heather-hugo

  post: /:year/:month/:title/

  tags: ["meta", "theme", "blog"]

  description: A Hyperminimal J̶e̶k̶y̶l̶l̶ Hugo Theme
    name: "Hbpasti"
    email: "your@email.com"

MIT License http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT