minimalistic and _extremely_ lightweight hugo theme


a minimalistic Hugo blogging theme in < 6K

example site

only two pages – index and post

no syntax highlighting (but code blocks do look nice regardless!)

LaTeX support built in (using KaTeX via CDN for fast rendering)

front page screenshot screenshot



config.toml can include the following parameters (below is a complete example that will function as-is.) The example results in the above site with footer links to github and contact:

baseurl = ""
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "conner dipaolo"

  Description = "build cool shit."
  Author = "conner dipaolo"
  GithubUser = "cdipaolo"
  Email = ""

starting a new blog

these instructions are strikingly similar to the Hugo quickstart guide!

$ hugo new site path/to/site
$ cd path/to/site

# make a post (can edit later!)
$ hugo new

# install theme
$ git clone themes

# run site!
$ hugo server -t gindoro --buildDrafts
2 pages created
0 tags created
0 categories created
in 5 ms
Serving pages from exampleHugoSite/public
Web Server is available at http://localhost:1313
Press Ctrl+C to stop