Simple and clean blog theme for hugo



Vienna is a simple and clean blog theme for Hugo. Notable features are:


In your hugo site directory, run:

$ mkdir themes
$ cd themes
$ git clone

Vienna is also included in the spf13/hugoThemes repository.


You may specify following options in config.toml of your site to make use of this theme’s features.

baseurl = "Your site URL"
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "Your site title"
# Copyright notice. This is displayer in the footer.
copyright = "© Copyright notice"

    # Social accounts. Link to these accounts are displayed in the header and
    # footer.
    twitter = "Your Twitter username"
    github = "Your GitHub username"
    linkedin = "Your LinkedIn username"
    googleplus = "Your Google+ user id"
    facebook = "Your Facebook username"
    stackoverflow = "Your Stackoverflow user id (number)"
    keybase = "Your username"
    instagram = "Your Instagram username"
    # Disqus shortname
    disqus = "Your disqus shortname"
    # Google Analytics API key.
    ga_api_key = "Your Google Analytics tracking id"
    # Mixpanel API key.
    mixpanel_api_key = "Your Mixpanel API key"
    author = "Your Name"
    avatar = "/path/to/avatar"
    contact = "Your contact link (ex."
    bio = "Your short bio"
    # Short subtitle/tagline. This is displayed in the header.
    subtitle = "Short subtitle/tagline of your blog"
    themecolor = "#hexcolor" # Defines the tab color in Chrome for Android.


Use hugo’s -t vienna or --theme=vienna option with hugo commands. Example:

$ hugo server -t vienna -w -D