Material Lite

A hugo theme based on Google's Material Design Lite

Material Design Lite inspired theme for hugo

This is a theme for hugo, a static site generator. It is based on the blog template of Google’s Material Design Lite.

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Like the original template, this theme’s license is Apache 2.0.


Content organization & features

This theme does currently not support lists, categories, tags…

This theme is optimized to use 2 content types: posts and pages. Pages are automatically displayed in the dropdown list beneath the author and posts are displayed on the homepage.

You can add a description and an image to a post or page using the front matter.

Some features

Configuration variables

These are the supported site parameters:

TwitterUser = "YourTwitterUsername"
FacebookUser = "YourFacebookUsername"
GooglePlusUser = "YourGooglePlusUsername"
copyright = "© a short copyright statement"
author = "John Doe"
background = "a relative or absolute URL to a background image"
bgcolor = "a background color; will be ignored if you use background"
primary = "indigo"
accent = "pink"

Primary and accent define the colors of the design. Check the MDL customizer to see the supported colors.

Share button configuration

Create a file called share.html in layouts/partials/ to override the configuration for the share button.

This is the default configuration. This button uses a plugin called carrot to share to different networks. recommend keeping the ui part as is and only modifying the networks part. Check this link for detailed instructions.

    // See
    $(function() {
        var config =
                ui: {
                    flyout: "middle left",
                    button_text: "<i class='material-icons'>share</i>"
        var share = new Share(".share", config);

Header tags

If you want to add extra tags to the <head> of your page, you can create a file called header-extra.html in layouts/partials/ and add your extra content to that file.


This theme is very basic and I welcome all contributions and feedback. Please create an issue or a pull request to contribute.