Liquorice is a small black and white theme for Hugo.

  • Minimum Hugo Version: 0.14
  • License: MIT
  • Tags:


Liquorice is a small black and white theme for Hugo (a fast and modern static website engine).


Liquorice needs at least version 0.12 of Hugo, as it uses features such as partials.


There are a few partials that is of great interest to override


The author partial is added at the end of each single page (such as blog posts) and by default only prints the name of the author registered in the site params, e.g. in your config.toml

    author = "Markus"

In order to override and have your own markup appended to single pages, just create the file layouts/partials/author.html and roll your own.


Liquorice comes with these additional shortcodes:


Include a Github gist using their JavaScript include.

{{% gist e572b28c9a0eef0b2763 %}}

Where the first parameter is the gist id.


There is not much to build, but the theme CSS is minified using the node tool clean-css.

cleancss -o static/css/liquorice.min.css static/css/liquorice.css

Any change in styles needs to result in a minification!


Liquorice is released under the MIT license, see LICENSE for details.