Landing Page

An elegant open source landing page theme.

Landing Page Theme for Hugo

Hugo theme based on the landing-page theme for Jekyll

How to use

Background Images

Override the default intro and contact backgrounds by putting images in these files:

About Section

Create a markdown file named content/services/about/

Title: About Us
Draft: false

WidgetCo is the world leader in widget production.

Services Section

Create a markdown file describing a service you offer in content/services/ - e.g. content/services/

Title: Customized Widgets
Img: widgets.png
Category: Services
Draft: false

We specialize in bespoke widgets, built to your specification.

Then place a matching image in static/img/services/ - e.g. static/img/services/widgets.png

Social Contact Buttons

Contact buttons will be automatically created if one or more [[]] is configured in config.toml:

baseurl = ""
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "WidgetCo Inc"
	description = "The best widgets in the world!"

	title = "email"
	icon = "envelope-o"
	url = ""
	title = "twitter"
	icon = "twitter"
	url = ""
	title = "github"
	icon = "github"
	url = ""
	title = "linkedin"
	icon = "linkedin"
	url = ""

Google Analytics

Google Analytics support is automatically enabled if you set the googleAnalytics param in config.toml to your Google Analytics tracking ID.

googleAnalytics = "UA-12345678-1"


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