Hugo Incorporated

Modern blog, great for companies, products or anything.

Hugo Incorporated

Modern Hugo based blog, based entirely on jekyll-incorporated. Great for companies, products or anything. See jekyll-incorporated live at See hugo-incorporated live at

Installation & Usage

Hugo-incorporated requires Hugo 0.12-DEV or newer. If your content is not displaying after running hugo server, be sure that your version (hugo version) is at least 0.12-DEV.

Markdown Content goes in content/post/ Then:

hugo server -w

The stylesheet is included in static/css. If you want substantial customizations you should use the scss directory and install sass (and Ruby). At the moment, this is entirely optional, since I’m commiting the final stylesheet. Note that if you make customizations to main.css, then rebuild with sass, those changes could get lost.

bundle install
sass scss/main.scss static/css/main.css

More hugo-specific details available at hugo.


Hugo-incorporated specific configuration options are available in [config.yaml].

Edit: config.yaml (general options), main.css (theme colors & fonts)

├── config.yaml
├── _scss/
    ├── main.scss

Note: when editing config.yaml, you need to restart hugo to see the changes.


Originally built as a Jekyll theme for

Karri Saarinen

Jori Lallo

Ported to Hugo:

Nicholas Whittier