Casper theme from Ghost Foundation

CASPER theme for hugo

Casper is a single-column theme for Hugo. Ported from Casper theme for Ghost

blog demo : blog source :

Hugo Casper Theme screenshot


Theme usage and asumptions


Installing this theme

mkdir themes
cd themes
git clone casper

Build your website with this theme

hugo server -t casper



BaseUrl= ""
LanguageCode= "fr-FR"
Title= "My blog is awesome"
paginate = 5
DisqusShortname = "YOUR_SHORT_NAME_HERE"
Copyright = "All rights reserved - 2015"
canonifyurls = true

  description = "this is my description"
  cover = "images/cover.jpg"
  author = "Valère JEANTET"
  authorlocation = "Paris, France"
  authorwebsite = ""
  bio= "my bio"
  logo = "images/logo.png"
  googleAnalyticsUserID = "UA-79101-12"
  # Optional RSS-Link, if not provided it defaults to the standard index.xml
  RSSLink = "" 
  githubName = "vjeantet"
  twitterName = "vjeantet"
  # facebookName = ""
  # set true if you are not proud of using Hugo (true will hide the footer note "Proudly published with HUGO.....")
  hideHUGOSupport = false

Example : config.toml

Multiple authors configuration

In addition to providing data for a single author as shown in the example above, multiple authors can be configured via data/authors/*.(yml, toml, json) entries. If the key provided in matched a data/authors/* entry, it will be used as the default. Overrides per page can be done by a simple author = other_author_key entry in the front matter. For those pages where you want to omit the author block completely, a .Params.noauthor entry is also available.

Example author definition file:

name: John Doe
bio: The most uninteresting man in the world.
location: Normal, IL

Example override author per page file:

author = ""
date = "2014-07-11T10:54:24+02:00"
title = ""

Contents here

On top right of the screen, a “Subscribe” button is displayed with a link to the RSS feed.

When you define a menu in the main config file, Then a menu button is displayed instead of the subscribe button When the use clicks the menu button, a sidebar appears and shows the subscribe button and all items defined in the main config file

:information_source: If your added a metadata like menu="main" in a content file metadata, it will also be displayed in the main menu

Example of a menu definition in main config file.

  name = "My Blog"
  weight = -120
  identifier = "blog"
  url = "/"

  name = "About me"
  weight = -110
  identifier = "about"
  url = "/about"

Metadata on each content file, example

author = ""
date = "2014-07-11T10:54:24+02:00"
draft = false
title = "dotScale 2014 as a sketch"
slug = "dotscale-2014-as-a-sketch"
tags = ["event","dotScale","sketchnote"]
image = "images/2014/Jul/titledotscale.png"
comments = true     # set false to hide Disqus comments
share = true        # set false to share buttons
menu = ""           # set "main" to add this content to the main menu

Contents here

Create new content based with default metadata from this theme

You can easyly create a new content with all metadatas used by this theme, using this command

hugo new -t casper post/

Contact me

:beetle: open an issue in github