Strange EOF error

Trouble: hugo new aborts with cryptic EOF error

I’m running into an issue where I cannot get archetypes working, when running hugo new doc/showcase/, for example, I see an EOF error thrown by Hugo.

I have set up this test repository to show exactly what I’ve done, but it is essentially a vanilla installation of Hugo.

When in that repository, using Hugo v0.12 to run hugo new -v doc/showcase/, I see the following output:

INFO: 2015/01/04 Using config file: /private/tmp/test/config.toml
INFO: 2015/01/04 attempting to create  doc/showcase/ of showcase
INFO: 2015/01/04 curpath: /private/tmp/test/archetypes/
ERROR: 2015/01/04 EOF

Is there something that I am blatantly missing?


Thank you for reporting this issue. The solution is to add a final newline (i.e. EOL) to the end of your archetype file of your theme. More discussions happened on the forum here:

Due to popular demand, Hugo’s parser has been enhanced to accommodate archetype files without final EOL, thanks to the great work by @tatsushid, in the upcoming v0.13 release,

Until then, for us running the stable v0.12 release, please remember to add the final EOL diligently.